2018 HGTV Dream Home

Award Winning Kitchen Design

photo of full height quartz backsplash

When award winning Kitchen Designer Brian Patrick Flynn, designs a space, he wants nothing but the best.  Thats why he chose New Leaf Cabinets & Counters to fabricate and install the quartz countertops in the kitchen and master bath.

Benefits of Quartz

close up photo of quartz countertopBecause Brian chose a rustic wood top for the island, he wanted something durable, stain resistant, and beautiful for the cooktop area.  For the wow factor, we installed almost 2 full slabs of Caesarstone Calacatta Gold as the backsplash.  Having a quartz backsplash is not only beautiful, but easy to clean.  Quartz doesn't require sealing or any other maintenance, so it is highly advantageous over traditional tile backsplashes.

Installation of the full hieght backspalsh took extreme precision and care.  First we had to perfectly bookmatch the two slabs, so that both slabs would appear to be one continuous surface.  We chose the window as our seam location to help minimize the visibility of the transition.  Unlike many fabricators, we also "dress" our seams to ensure the tightest possible fit.

Countertop Installation

Installation of the countertops was quite challenging. You know how when you watch home improvement shows on TV and you think to yourself, "well they have about a million guys off camera that they are not showing"? Well that is extremely accurate.  As if hoisting a 1000lb slab 3 feet above the ground and manuevering it into the perfect position isn't difficult enough during normal circumstances, imagine doing it with dozens of other workers, extensions cords, camera people, producers etc, all of whom were under just as much pressure as us to make sure the end result is perfect.  After all, "millions will be watching."

In the end, the 2018 HGTV Dream Home in Gig Harbor, WA came out amazing and it was a great experience for us.

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