5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are the heart of our homes. We spend a lot of time in them cooking and eating, sharing laughter and creating memories as a family. But, just like closets, kitchen cabinets too can disorganized if not taken care.


Since so many different activities occur in this one area, the kitchen can get messy in a hurry. Just think about how much time you waste whenever you stop and hunt for something you need. Not to mention cluttered countertops that get really difficult to clean


Let’s look at a few ways you can organize them for minimum clutter.


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1. Take Inventory 


When you start organizing, it’s always better to begin with a clean slate. Clean out all the items in your cabinet and take inventory of everything kitchen cabinetsyou own. What’s hidden inside your pantry can surprise you!


Then, organize the items into categories. Keep the pots and pans together, collect all baking ingredients and must-haves in one corner, and keep your pantry items in another.


Label all your containers so that you can find your ingredients quickly and easily. Before you begin re-organizing, make sure you throw out whatever you don’t use or won’t need in the future.



2. Make Things Accessible


Make it easier to navigate through the kitchen when you’re cooking or serving food. Start with thinking about the items you use every day, and keep them in an accessible place. kitchen cabinets


For instance, if you store leftovers in Tupperware, keep it in the front and center cabinet rather than the lower ones. You can store your giant pots, Christmas mugs and fine china in cabinets at the top or bottom since you don’t use them on a daily basis. Having trouble reaching the back of your cabinets? Trade your old fixed cabinets for new sliding shelves so that you can access all your items.



3. Maximize Space in Kitchen Cabinets


One of the reasons why kitchen cabinets are messy is due to the lack of space. As your family grows, the things you own in the kitchen will inevitably begin to increase. Think of hanging hooks or corkboards on the doors of your cabinets to maximize space. You can also store all your food items of a similar category in baskets or trays. Make more space on your countertops by storing measuring cups, recipes and grocery lists, cups, spices, etc. inside your cabinets by using their doors.


And don't forget installing some new kitchen cabinets for more space to organize your utensils. If you don’t have an island cabinet, you can definitely add one for both, functionality and aesthetic appeal.



4. Color Coordinate


If you’re noticing too much clutter in your cabinets, try color coordinating your items. It will add a soothing effect to your cabinets and make it therapeutic to look at them.


This is especially true if you have glass cabinets and want to keep them visually appealing for times when guests come over. Having splashes of color in the cabinets will definitely elevate their look and also make it easier for you to find the stuff you need.


5. Add Pop-Up Shelves

If you have things like dishes that are using up a lot of cabinet space, consider adding some pop-ups to use the vacant spaces. kitchen cabinetsThese spring loaded shelves gently assists the movement of small applicances or cutlery to counter height. They can be fixed to pop up, slide out, or emerge from an unexpected place. We do love our lil' kitchen surprises!

You can also add a pull-out drawer to keep things organized. In case your cabinets are looking dull and old, you can always get new cabinets customized to match your exact requirements and include the shelves as per your inventory.


Rethink Your Kitchen Cabinets with New Leaf Cabinets & Counters


Organized kitchen cabinets can make cooking a lot easier and fun, too. If you want some ideas to store all your kitchen items or simply want to redo a few cabinets, we are happy to help. Call New Leaf at 253-201-1612 for more information and to schedule a consultation today!


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