50 Shades of White

photo of white kitchen cabinets with white quartz countertops



Simply White Kitchen Cabinets & Counters

Erika & Christian were referred to New Leaf Cabinets & Counters by close friends of theirs who recently had their kitchen cabinets replaced by us and were extremely happy with their new kitchen. 

Erika’s existing kitchen was a cramped, closed off space that couldn’t comfortably fit more than one person.  A total redesign was in order.

Function First

photo of new kitchen cabinets and countertops

Any kitchen designed by New Leaf, starts with the core element of function.  We examine the floor plan from a birds eye view and look for opportunities to improve the flow of the kitchen.

An updated kitchen allows the chef of the house to cook and prep efficiently while not feeling cramped or cut off from the rest of the family.

In Erika & Christian’s home, we decided that removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen and creating a peninsula with the cooktop would really open up the space and allow for a more functional kitchen work space.

We also removed header between the eat-in nook and the kitchen that allowed us to create one continuous space and countertop surface.

The relationship between dish washing and dish storage is another important element that often gets over looked during the kitchen design process, but that New Leaf strives to make as efficient as possible.

Because Erika’s kitchen is relatively small, we added a tiered cutlery divider near the dishwasher to double the storage capacity of the silverware drawer.  Keeping this drawer next to the dishwasher makes unloading the dishwasher a snap, which is especially important in tight spaces.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

photo of roll out shelving in pantry cabinetphoto of pull out corner storage - aka the LeMans corner

Once we have established the basic flow of the kitchen with the appliance and sink locations, we begin filling out the space with built in cabinet storage features based on the needs of the homeowner and the efficiency of the layout.

In this case we used blind corner pull out trays rather than a standard lazy susan to really maximize the limited space that we had.

We added heavy duty roll out shelves under the cooktop for pot and pan storage.

photo of built in tray divider cabinetphoto of pull out trash can cabinet

A dual waste bin cabinet was added to keep the garbage and recycling out of sight.

We also designed the 24” deep cabinet above the fridge to include vertical tray dividers to keep the cookie sheets, muffin pans, and cutting boards organized and easily accessible.

Cohesive Design Elements

Erika did a fantastic job at selecting the cabinets and counters with a few minor suggestions from New Leaf and the overall results of this kitchen are stunning.

Choosing the final colors for cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, flooring, and fixtures can be overwhelming and often a point of contention between the husband and the wife.  Erika really, really, likes white.  Her husband Christian on the other hand is colorblind, so guiding them through the selection process was a breeze.

Erika really wanted a place for her cookbooks as well as a homework station for her kids so we incorporated floating shelves made from quarter sawn oak in a rich stain that was coordinated with the color of the original millwork in the living room and the new beam between the kitchen and the dining room.

photo of a newly remodeled kitchen in tacoma, WA with a custom stained beam that matches the cabinetry and floating shelves.

This added a pop of color against the white cabinets and quartz countertops while also tying an element of the new kitchen in with the original details of the 1945 home.

By installing a faux beam (it was for aesthetics only, not structural) we were able to delineate the long narrow space and create some separation between the dining and living room and the kitchen.

Beautiful and Clean Quartz Countertops

close up photo of white quartz countertops.  pental misterio

Having children and all white counters may not seem like a bright idea, but with the stain resistance and maintenance free aspects of quartz countertops there is no reason to worry. 

Erika made a great choice with Pental Misterio, which is one of the many colors in New Leaf’s Square Foot Collection that offers huge savings on new countertops by eliminating the need to pay for slab waste. 

Click here for to see the colors in our Square Foot Countertop Collection.

Erika paired her new countertop with the clean and elegant look of subway tile and matched the grout color to the subtle veining of the Pental Misterio.

Kitchen Remodels Can be Fun!

Working with Erika, Christian and their two boys was an amazing experience for all members of our staff that were involved in their project.

Ben & Jacob were fascinated with the cabinet installation and inspected our work daily.  They loved playing with all the new cabinet accessories and seeing how everything worked and was put together.  Engineers in the making!


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