7 Kitchen Cabinets That Make You Fall in Love Instantly

Kitchen cabinets add style and elegance to your interiors. If cooking is your passion, you definitely want to invest in quality cabinets that allow maximum storage - and elevate the look and feel of your kitchens.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, you can opt for custom designs or semi-custom choices. From functional storage solutions, to posh moldings and fancy materials, customized kitchen cabinets are all about the details. Add a touch of your own personal style with the following options:

1. Yorktowne Cabinetskitchen cabinets, new leaf cabinets & counters

Looking for beautiful doors and smart choices at affordable costs? You don’t have to choose; you can have all three! Yorktowne cabinets are known for their wide range of door options, paint colors, and finishes. They are made in a large factory setup with attention to detail and a quality manufacturing process. The wood species used are procured from reliable material suppliers, so you can be assured of a long-lasting and aesthetically appealing cabinet.


2. Trendy Island Cabinets

Craving a modern, open concept kitchen with tempting breakfast nooks and a cozy dining space? Island cabinets are the perfect combination of functionality and affordability, as they are built to accommodate shelving units and offer deep storage space as well as comfortable seating. You can also opt for additional space for prep or serving when you’re customizing your designs.


3. Built-in Range Hood Cabinets kitchen cabinets, new leay cabinets & counters

Love detailing around your home? Want to show off your passion for a well-thought-out kitchen cabinet to your guests? Choose built-in range hood designs that come with an exhaust fan and customizable options for hoods.


4. Traditional Cabinets

Homeowners who prefer a more traditional cabinet can find various options. For instance, the Shaker cabinetry comes with its distinct Shaker furniture, featuring clean lines and a utility-friendly design. The louvered design has horizontal wooden columns placed close to each other, which creates a very attractive look for any kitchen. Insets are a classic style, known for their perfect arrangement, while the distressed style is one of the trendiest designs on the market.  


5. Frameless Cabinets

Just as the name suggests, frameless cabinets do not have frames in the door design. There is a narrow veneer that masks the partitions between the cabinet boxes. The doors and drawers are mounted from the inside and thus, aren’t visible from the outside. If you’re short on space in your kitchen, this can be a great space-saving style.


6. Tall Cabinets and Free Storage kitchen cabinets, new leaf cabinets & counters

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are perfect for storing tall items. Generally, glass doors and patterned tin are used to make the top shelves visible so that you can easily locate your items inside. They can be a great option to add a lighter look to your kitchen. Stand-alone free storage solutions are a cost-effective option that offers a modernized look.


7. Mismatched Cabinets

Freestyle designing is combined with customization in this style of cabinetry. If your home has a fusion theme or you’d like to opt for a contemporary, 21st-century look, consider matching your white cabinetry with a black island or combine two cabinets with different finishes to highlight the differences.

Apart from choosing the perfect cabinet designs, you can also opt for some great cabinet accessories to enhance the appeal of your kitchen and make cooking and storing easier.

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