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New Leaf was founded in 2008 by Shane Beck, a young man who had grown up working for his grandfather’s construction company.  After graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2004, Shane moved to Tacoma and took a job as a construction superintendent with a large home builder and played a key role in the construction of over 1400 homes and the development of several new neighborhoods. 

Working with dozens of specialty subcontractors, architects, and engineers on a daily basis implanted Shane with an attention to detail that is second to none.  He also learned the major benefits of proper planning and sequencing of construction activities.

As the burst of the housing bubble began to appear inevitable, Shane, seeking to secure his livelihood, founded New Leaf and invited his college roommate and longtime friend, Robert Cole to join the team.

Like Shane, Robert had grown up with a hammer in his hand.  Robert’s father operated a custom cabinet company.  Working with his father literally from birth, Robert not only learned the how-to’s of carpentry and construction but most importantly he was ingrained with the priceless values of craftsmanship and hard work. 

After months of coercion from Shane, Robert left his job as a journeyman electrician and began the process of growing New Leaf from a garage operation to a full-service general contractor.

New Leaf was started at a desk in Shane’s living room with nothing but $500.00 and a lot of determination.  Shane and Robert started from the ground up completing small projects for various property managers and homeowners. Word of their quality work and competitive rates quickly spread through the asset management community and as the housing bubble bled into the recession, New Leaf became the premier contractor rehabilitating distressed properties in the State of Washington.

As the recession began to fade and New Leaf transitioned from rehabilitating distressed properties to remodeling kitchens, both Shane and Robert became frustrated with the cabinet and countertop options in the Puget Sound area.

Poor service, high prices, and inferior products seemed to flood the market.  

With this in mind, New Leaf used its buying power formed during the recession to become a prime factory direct cabinet dealer that allows us to provide custom cabinets with countless storage solution options at a price point that can only be beaten by Chinese or off the shelf goods. 

Because we buy directly from a state of the art cabinet factory located in Independence, Oregon, there is no middle man and virtually no limit on what we can do with our cabinets that are made exactly to our specifications.  We are not bound to the restrictions of the big box stores, yet we can almost always beat the price of any other American made custom or semi-custom cabinet

By combining our unrivaled cabinet expertise with New Leaf's state of the art and eco-friendly countertop fabrication facility, New Leaf has created the most invaluable kitchen resource for homeowners and contractors alike.


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