The 8 Advantages of Choosing Granite Kitchen Countertops




Are you remodeling your kitchen?

One of the most important elements in a kitchen's decor is the countertop. Even though there are quite a few countertop options to choose from, granite kitchen countertops are by far among the most popular picks.

Most homeowners who want to increase the resale value of their houses and have a surface that will work well with their lifestyle. Read on to learn if granite kitchen counterops will do that for you!

What is granite?

Granite is nature's work of art. It contains a mixture of composed rocks such as micas, feldspar, and quartz.

The different combinations of composed rocks and minerals give granite a number of colors, textures, and patterns.

The many choices that granite offers make it suitable for many types of kitchen countertops.

Also, it is quite versatile when it comes to fitting into a home that has either a modern or a traditional indoor design.

In the following article, we will explain why granite is one of the top picks of homeowners around the world and what should you know about granite if you want to buy a granite kitchen countertop.

1. Granite comes in many colors 

photo showing a slab of iron red granite ready before being fabricated into granite countertopsSome people pick granite kitchen countertops because they last longer. However, this is not a trade off for looks.

Because it is not man made, there are several types of granite to choose from. Nature always seems to be better at playing with color than humans.

The most popular types of granite are the ones that are white, black, and gray, but there is so much variety when it comes to granite. 

No two kitchen granite countertops are identical, which gives a unique look to kitchens.

2. Granite kitchen countertops last longer

Granite kitchen countertops simply last longer because they are comprised of a stone that can be found naturally.

This translates into a worry-free countertop that will not get scratched or cut easily.

This comes in handy, especially since scratches and cuts are impossible to avoid in a kitchen.

You can even slice veggies directly on the countertop. Unless you exert a significant amount of pressure, you will not damage the granite, but will most likey dull your knives.

3. Granite can be personalized 

close up photo of a granite countertop with a chiseled edgeNot only does it comes in many colors, but granite is also easy to personalize during the fabrication process.  Each slab is not only unique from mother nature, but will also be cut and fabricated to your exact size and specifications.

The surface can be polished to look sleek, or you can even opt for the rough look with a chiseled edge.  Some surfaces are even available in a brushed or antique top.

Sleek, elegant looks are perfect for minimalistic kitchens, while the rough look goes well with rustic homes.


4. Adds value to your home

Granite kitchen countertops are often seen as the most elegant and luxurious elements that you can add to a kitchen.

Adding granite kitchen countertops is one of the most popular choices for people who want to sell their homes.

If you are looking to improve your resale home value, you should know that granite kitchen countertops leave quite a good impression on the potential buyer.

5. The stone can be repaired 

This is a very family-friendly trait of granite. Your child might not be as careful as you are when it comes to preserving the beauty of your kitchen.

Accidents can happen, and no matter how dense and sturdy the rock is, if you drop a heavy object on one of the edges, you might damage it a little bit.  Although it will require a trained professional, scratches can be polished out.

6. Easier to clean

If you opt for a polished, sleek look, the kitchen granite countertop will be a lot easier to clean.

Since there are no cracks nor crevices, you can simply wipe the food residue without worrying they will get stuck somewhere on the kitchen countertop.

The countertop can also become stain-resistant if you seal them once a year.

7. Granite countertops can handle a lot of heat

Granite kitchen countertops are highly heat-resistant, which means you can place a frying pan that is still heated on the countertop.

This comes in handy because you do not always have to worry about avoiding placing heated pots on the countertop.

It also prolongs the life of your kitchen countertop. Most people forget that their countertops are not heat resistant, especially when in a hurry.

This usually leads to irreversible damage to a countertop that is not heat-resistant. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that with granite.

8. Unique, eco-friendly, natural look

Since granite is a stone that can be found naturally, no piece of stone is identical to other.

If you are looking for elements that could make your kitchen's design really unique, granite could be the solution for you.

The game of colors is unique for every kitchen, not to mention that the intensity of the color can vary too. You will have plenty of choices when choosing granite for your home.

Also, by going for a "natural look", you do not contribute to harmful processes that are needed to produce artificial countertops.

It is safe to say that granite is the most eco-friendly choice you for your kitchen. 

Why you should choose granite for your kitchen 

Choosing granite for your kitchen countertop requires a larger investment when being compared to less expensive materials such as laminate or tile. However, it is well worth it when you consider all the benefits that come with it.

It lasts longer and it is more resistant to cuts and scratches than any other type of material used for countertops.

It is easy to clean since you have the option to choose a sleek surface without any crevices and cracks.

Or you can go wild with it since there is so much room for personalization.

You have plenty of colors to choose from, and since we are talking about a stone that is found naturally, the patterns are unique for each kitchen counterpart.

Also, if you striving to live in an eco-friendly home, granite is perfect for you too. No chemicals are used to treat the granite or to change anything about its surface.

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