Are custom kitchen cabinets worth the price?

How many times have you typed "Custom Kitchen Cabinets Tacoma" into your search engine lately? If you've got custom cabinets on your mind, but are concerned about the price tag, don't worry. New Leaf Cabinets & Counters is here to help clear up any concerns you may have about custom cabinetry. Read on below to learn more about the benefits of custom cabinets in Tacoma.

Why do I need custom kitchen cabinets?  What benefits do custom or semi-custom cabinets have over off-the-shelf cabinets from the big box stores?

  1. Quality - The quality of the cabinet construction and the materials used is going to be significantly higher with any made to order cabinet product whether it is a full custom or a semi-custom.  Learn about our cabinet construction standards.
  2. Selection – Custom kitchen cabinets of any kind have significantly more options available than stocked cabinets not only in size and color but also in the number of available door styles and configuration options.
  3. Personalization – Kitchen cabinets are the furniture of your kitchen and should represent not only your style but, your personality as well.  Adding a pop of color or character detail is a simple task when dealing with custom kitchen cabinets, but almost impossible with stock or production cabinets.
  4. Function – By far the most important aspect of any kitchen.  Beyond the look and style, a well-designed kitchen that allows the center of your home to function well is what will make or break your kitchen project.  Using a semi-custom or custom cabinetry or gives you the flexibility to maximize your kitchen's potential.
  5. Size – Both custom and semi-custom cabinets have flexibility on cabinet dimensions.  Stock production cabinets come in very limited sizes which make a perfect fit impossible.

Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets That Make Them Worth the Price

Benefit #1: They're Versatile

If you're having trouble choosing cabinetry because your kitchen has an unconventional layout or decor scheme, custom cabinets can be the answer to your problems. With all the choices you have, you can make your cabinets adjust to any color scheme, kitchen layout, or decor theme.

Want something more modern, but with traditional accents, like pull knobs and woodwork? No problem.

Wanting a rustic, farmhouse vibe, but with a dash of upscale luxury? Custom cabinets can help you achieve it.

Even if you want to somehow combine your love for pink with your obsession with bronze hardware - custom cabinets can help you get the look you're wanting.

Benefit #2: You Don't Have to Settle

So you're looking through kitchen cabinetry options and you find one you love, but the hardware is so ugly. You'd much prefer cabinets with a more modern look and better hardware, but that's not an option. You have to stick with what's offered.

With custom kitchen cabinets in Tacoma from New Leaf, you don't have to settle. You can get that gorgeous finish AND the beautiful hardware to match your style and design needs.

At New Leaf, we believe you shouldn't have to settle when choosing to remodel your kitchen. Your home is your sanctuary and it deserves the best, which is why our custom kitchen cabinets in Tacoma are made especially to fit your desires and your kitchen.

Benefit #3: Custom Kitchen Cabinets Can Bring Your Dreams to Life

Maybe you've looked at and Pinterest, or have made your own inspiration boards from magazine cut-outs. Maybe there's a look you just fell in love with after you saw it on HGTV. Whatever the case, custom kitchen cabinets in Tacoma are your ticket to making your dream kitchen a reality.

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