Different Types of Kitchen Designs

Kitchen remodeling can seem overwhelming, especially when you're not sure what design you want; you just know you want it to be better.

The best way to get a handle on your plan for kitchen remodeling is to do some research.

Get online, look at sites like Houzz and Pinterest, and find things that you like. It doesn't have to be perfect. Maybe you like the kitchen island in picture A, or just the placement of the cabinets in picture B. Maybe you hate the wall color in picture C, but love the layout. Just find things that speak to you and your sense of style.

Finally, decide upon what will best suit your home and how you use your kitchen. Read on to learn more about kitchen designs.

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Which Kitchen Design Is Right for You?

Choosing a kitchen design is the first step in your kitchen remodeling project. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want my kitchen remodeled? What are my goals? - It's important to understand why you're looking for kitchen remodeling. Establish what your main goals are in this process. Maybe you want more space. Maybe you don't have anywhere to put all of your cooking tools. Whatever the reason, establish it before moving on to the next step.
  • What are the main issues I keep having in my kitchen? - Think about the times you've felt frustrated in your kitchen. Why? What caused that frustration? Perhaps it feels too dark in there and dampens your mood. Maybe you keep running into that one corner of the kitchen island. Maybe there's simply not enough counter top space to cook without stacking things on top of each other. Or maybe your kitchen simply doesn't match the rest of the home and it looks strange. Your kitchen remodel should help you solve these issues.

Without further ado, check out some great kitchen designs below to help you decide what's right for you.


Sleek and stylish, modern style began around World War I and has been popular ever since. Modern design typically features flat surfaces, smooth lines,  geometric forms, and very few decorations, adornments, or ornamentation.

The bottom line: modern style is fresh, clean, and sleek. Recent designs have included bold angles and curves, as well as bold colors and accents - like stainless steel.

For a pop of color, add in bright accents, like reds or yellows, or even jewel tones.

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Farmhouse style is one of the most popular kitchen designs out there. Known for it's rustic, homey, country vibe, farmhouse kitchens can make you feel cozy and right at home in your kitchen.

Farmhouse designs feature rustic, shabby chic decor known for warmth and simplicity. You'll see these designs with natural wood or galvanized steel. Cream is usually the main choice for farmhouse designs, but other colors can also be used.

You'll often see pastels in this color scheme, as well as "shabby chic" paint jobs. In farmhouse, your painting doesn't have to be 100% covering the surface. A bit of paint chipping off your cabinets here and there is okay! It's supposed to look well-loved, but not sloppy.

Vintage items from thrift stores or flea markets are great kitchen decor pieces to add to finish off the look. Best of all, it can make you feel like you're on a weekend getaway even in the middle of a bustling city.

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kitchen remodeling


Who doesn't like to feel pampered? With a glam kitchen, you, too, can feel like a celebrity in your own home. Typically, these types of kitchens utilize whites, blacks, and metallics like silver and gold.

Add in some chandeliers for an even more glitzy touch. Tufted and studded furniture pieces add to the feel of your room. Lighting is typically warm and cozy.

These styles typically add in patterns like damask and quatrefoil. Cabinet and drawer pulls can be accented with pretty crystal knobs.

Feel free to add a pop of color, like hot pink, to snazz it up. You could even trade out your plumbing fixtures for a shiny new brushed nickel or antique gold.

Top it all of with gorgeous granite or quartz counter tops.


Mediterranean Oasis

This style is characterized by deep, stunning jewel tones and sparkling adornments. You can expect deep burgundy, violet, teals, greens, and blues.

Often times, these kitchens incorporate bronze or oil rubbed bronze as an accent color. Hardware is typically burnished and heavy. You'll see a lot of textured walls as well.

Beading, filigree, and embroidery are typically seen in this style, so anything you can use to decorate your kitchen with these items is great!

Add an intricate mosaic tile as a backsplash, or even hanging lanterns over your counter tops to complete the theme. You can also use a stenciled mosaic border for floors or walls instead of a mosaic tile.

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Want to feel like you just stepped into a 1950s diner? This style is for you. The iconic black and white checkered floors are optional, but can add that fun retro touch.

Get some silver bar stools with an accent color, like turquoise, yellow, or red. Make sure to choose 1-2 accent colors and stick with them.

Go bold with your cabinets - you could even pair all-black cabinets with white counter tops. Make sure it stands out.

Feel free to add some vintage touches - like Coca Cola branded items, or other vintage pieces. It's even more fun when you match your appliances with your accent color.

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