The 8 Advantages of Choosing Granite Kitchen Countertops

One of the most important elements in a kitchen's decor is the countertop. Even though there are quite a few countertop options to choose from, granite kitchen countertops are by far among the most popular picks. Read on to learn if granite kitchen counterops are right for you. read more

Plywood vs Particle Board Cabinets

Are Plywood Cabinets Worth the Extra Money? As a cabinet dealer I get asked about plywood vs particle board cabinets almost daily.  Do your cabinets have plywood boxes? Is plywood your standard? Is... read more

How to Measure Your Kitchen

Not sure how to measure your kitchen? Read this quick and easy guide! read more

American Made Cabinets vs Chinese Cabinets

American Made Cabinets vs Chinese Cabinets It’s no secret that Chinese cabinetry is significantly cheaper than the vast majority of American Made cabinetry.  Most people are generally aware of why Chinese goods are... read more

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