Top 7 Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen

There are many good reasons to renovate your kitchen. For one, the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It's a space where we talk about love, gather around for food, cook, and spread warmth and laughter.


Second, with changing lifestyle needs, you may need a more functional and aesthetic-looking space.


Read on to learn why you should consider renovating:


renovate your kitchen


1. Create a Functional Space


Your needs change over time. Maybe you have two active kids and need extra storage for all their toys and books. Or you enjoy entertaining your guests. Or just need a modern look.


“More than 50% of homeowners prefer an open kitchen for a spacious and inclusive feeling.”



Embracing a functional layout will ensure that the kitchen works for you. According to a study by Houzz, homeowners are now opting for an L-shaped kitchen, compared to the traditional U-shaped ones.


You could:renovate your kitchen

  • Layer and blend four types of lighting – i.e. task, ambient, decorative, and accent – to get the desired lighting effect.
  • Countertop islands are excellent for informal seating and offer extra space for prep and storage, too.  You can use them for open-shelving cookbooks, lit displays, and built-in wine storage.
  • Consider vertical wall storage to save the carpet area and add a dash of personality to your walls.
  • Custom cabinets help in excellent space utilization and blend in with your design and style.
  • Add a spice drawer under the cooktop to organize all your spices without wasting counter space.



2. Transition into an Energy-Efficient Home


Kitchens are the best rooms to start making energy-efficient changes around your home. You can renovate your kitchen to make it more comfortable, while saving on energy bills.


“EnergyStar-approved dishwashers are almost 12% more energy-efficient and 30% more water-efficient compared to regular models.”


Begin with installing energy-efficient appliances to contribute towards a greener future.


You could use:

  • replace regular bulbs with LED lights.
  • a low-flow faucet that can, in fact, reduce your water consumption by 60%.
  • energyStar refrigerators that use 15% less energy compared to non-certified models.
  • a toaster/convection oven that consumes a third or less energy compared to your full-sized ovens.


3. Reduce Maintenance Woesrenovate your kitchen


While home maintenance is a tedious task, kitchen maintenance is the toughest of all. If you’re always troubled with the efforts required to clean, it may be a sign that you need to renovate your kitchen.


  • You can opt for low maintenance countertops and create a kitchen that requires minimum maintenance.
  • Black painted glass or a complete quartz sheet as a backsplash makes it easier to clean after a cooking session.
  • When choosing your flooring, consider durability and color – sealed concrete, terrazzo, and quartz are good options.
  • In cabinets, clean flat lines are a better choice compared to ornate molding, as they are easier to clean. The best option is to go for a shaker style or slab front for minimum maintenance.                       


4. Infuse a Sense of Style


If you’ve been compromising on the design and style of your kitchen for years now, it’s finally time to renovate your kitchen.


  • Choose simple, clean lines and a softer look and feel for a contemporary styled kitchen.
  • Light color painted cabinets with shaker style doors blend with almost any design and are a big trend in the kitchen remodeling industry.
  • Want to stand out from the pack? Consider a unique color on your cabinets for that extraordinary style statement.
  • Under-cabinet LED lights also improve the overall ambience.



“Kitchens are made to bring families together.”


5. Add Value to Your Property


A new and improved kitchen makes life easier and boosts the resale value of your home. A kitchen can make or break the deal when it comes to selling your home.


In fact, you can recover more than 50% of what you spend on renovating during a sale, thus making remodeling a smart investment and not an expense.


6. Improve Utility

renovate your kitchen

When you’ve been living in the same house for decades, your kitchen might give in to normal wear and tear. For example, you may notice cracked tiles, broken countertops, or missing cabinet doors that need immediate attention.


You recover 50% of your kitchen investment in a sale, thus making remodeling a smart investment and not an expense.


Not to mention, your outdated appliances may not inspire any new recipes or gourmet cooking. Sometimes, a deteriorated kitchen has outlived its utility and needs a renovation.


7. Celebrate Conveniences


As lives are get busier and more stressful, we want to hold on to every possible convenience that makes life simpler. Then why not renovate your kitchen for some great modern conveniences?


For instance, smart appliances keep you connected and make cooking a lot more fun. You can view what’s in your fridge from your smartphone, thus, making grocery shopping lists a thing of the past!


Install a touchless faucet and say goodbye to all the bacteria during cooking. When modern technologies are all around us, why not welcome them in our kitchens, too!



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