Cabinet Finishes

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Stain based finishes show off the natural beauty of wood. Our stain finishes are protected by a satin finish top-coat, which is oven cured, providing a superior seal. Check out our door styles gallery to view the different door styles.  Most stains are available on most door styles, howevery there are style and species limitations.  Stop into our showroom to view physical samples and chat with one of our award winning desingers about availibility.


Adding a Glaze and Highlight to your cabinet can add a richness and depth to your cabinets beyond the standard stain finish.  A glaze is additional layer of finish that is first sprayed on and then hand wiped.  This additional layer of finish provides a heavier, deeper look to the top clear coat and in some colors adds a slight tint.  A highlight, is a hand applied pin stripe that is applied to the edge details of the door stiles and rails.


Hand applied highlights accentuate the details of the door style and adds a little more character to cabinet door and drawer faces.


Our Classic Paint Finishes are an enamel based finish which provides solid coverage and a smooth satin sheen. Paint availability varies based on species.  Most maple and MDF door styles are available in painted finish.  


Specialty Finishes are color collections that have been created in our factory by multi step applications and advanced techniques to create unique, unmatchable finishes.  The Coastal Collection are color-washed stains with optional dry-brushed accents that allow the natural beauty and characteristics of the wood to show through.  The Stoney Brooke Collection is a nature inspired stain based finish that includes extra thick hand brushed glazes to create a textured appearance.  The Appaloosa Collection, which is one of our most popular specialty finishes, creates a classic timeworn finish inspired by the combination of heirloom furniture and current on trend colors.


Cabinet distressing uses a variety of hand applied techniques to create a unique appearance. Distressing is available in several levels of application: Antique, Legacy, ans Heirloom.  Availability varies by door style and species.


Our Finish Select Program offers the flexibility to go beyond our standard offerings my mixing and matching stain colors, glazes, highlights, and distressing as you see fit to creat your own custom finish.  We can also create a custom paint color just for you based on a Sherwin Williams or Bejamin Moore paint code, or any physical sample that you bring in.