White Shaker Cabinets On A Budget

Image of white shaker cabinets in kitchen with crown molding, tile floor and quartz countertopsWe recently had a walk in customer come in with an estimate for new cabinets from Lowe’s.  They had taken their measurements into the home center and met with a cabinet designer who walked them through the cabinet layout process and designed their new kitchen extremely well.  The problem and the reason that they were now coming to New Leaf was that the cost of the new cabinets exceeded the budget that they had set for the entire project.  They now feared that they had no choice but to go with Chinese cabinets which they really did not want to do because they did not want to expose their children to the unknown chemicals that many Chinese manufacturers use when building the cabinets.

This is a fairly common scenario that we at New Leaf see and overcome on a regular basis.  Buying kitchen cabinets, or completing any kitchen remodel for that matter, is in a lot of ways comparative to buying a car.  If you either don’t set a budget, or don’t share your budget with your cabinet designer or sales person, you can often end up getting quotes for products that you never should have been looking at in the first project.  It would be like setting a budget for an entry level sedan and going to the dealership and only looking at fully loaded Cadillacs.  You can almost always get cabinets that will give you the look and function that you need within your budget, but like buying a car, it is often the amount of bells and whistles that are included that drastically affect the price.

Within minutes of reviewing the design, our cabinet designer found many simple ways to immediately cut down the cost of the cabinets.  Unlike many cabinet dealers out there, New Leaf is extremely transparent with all aspects of our pricing which in this case quickly demystified why the few cabinets their small kitchen required were so expensive.  By removing some of the elaborate modifications such as deluxe ends, stacked moldings, valance bottom rails, and changing from custom sizes to standard sizes, we were quickly able to redesign their kitchen with cabinets and a complete cabinet installation that were only a third of the cost from the other bid they had received but had the same white painted shaker door style and the same essential features such as soft closing doors and drawers and even a few storage solutions that the other cabinets did not have.

The couple ordered the cabinets, installed them themselves and were able to complete their kitchen makeover within their budget and were beyond happy that they were able to get the quality, American made cabinets that they wanted.