Decorative Accessories

A few small details can go a long way to separate your new kitchen from the rest.  By adding a few glass doors, turned legs, or matching ends to your cabinets we can give your kitchen that amazing custom cabinet feel without breaking the bank.  Our cabinet designers are some of the best in the industry in making a little go a long way.  As you look at some of the examples not only on our website, but on other pictures throughout the web, take a look at the small details and take note of how much impact a beaded back panel or crown molding can make.  These are the types of details that you get with New Leaf that you can’t get from the big box or off the shelf cabinet vendors. When designing your kitchen with New Leaf, we not only have the ability to use the decorative accents tastefully, but we have the desire to give you the best kitchen that your budget can afford.  Our unprecedented pricing transparency gives you the ability to make an educated decision when buying your cabinets that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

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