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Kitchen Cabinet Styles

When designing any kitchen, our designers typically reference the four major styles of kitchen design:

  1. Traditional
  2. Transitional
  3. Contemporary
  4. Farmhouse

Implementing well thought out style elements into your new kitchen will elevate you from a mundane kitchen that you would get from a big box store or online cabinet retailer to a stunning kitchen that is truly the centerpiece of your home.  At New Leaf, our Expert Cabinet Designers will insure that your new kitchen or other cabinet project includes the necessary design details to make your kitchen truly unique, no matter how large or small your budget may be.


Each type of kitchen style has its own specific qualities that make it unique. There is no rule that requires you to follow any specific set or parameters when designing your new kitchen, but it is nice to at least have a general idea of where you want to go so that your new kitchen is not just shiny and new, but also cohesive and tasteful. 

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How to Implement Kitchen Style

The doors and drawers are the face of your kitchen.  Nothing dictates the style of your new kitchen more than the door style and finish selection.  Whether you are looking for a transitional white shaker cabinet, or bold contemporary color, we have you covered.  

Our shaker collection includes several different sizes of shaker options, all available in several different shades of white, off white, grays, and a plethora of other paints and stains.  We can also do shaker doors with different center panels and mix and match those panels within your kitchen to create added interest.

In the Kitchen Cabinets shown here our most popular white shaker - the Shaw - is used with a flat center panel on the perimeter cabinets, but on the kitchen island it is a raised center panel.  Both of the outside door profiles are the same, only the center panel of the cabinet door is changed. 

That way, although they have completely different looks (because the cabinet finish is also different) all of the cabinetry in this kitchen still remain cohesive and work together to create a beautiful transitional kitchen.

We also have many contemporary door styles available in high gloss acrylic paints, textured melamines, and cutting edge thermofoils.  We also have several finishes with hand distressing and heirloom accents.

Our cabinets are made from domestic hardwoods that include Maple, Rustic Maple, Cherry, Oak, Knotty Alder, Quartersawn Oak, and Hickory.  We also offer several exotic veneers such as Wenge, Rosewood, Bamboo, Sycamore, and Reconstituted Heartwood that are in addition to our standard straight grained veneers of Maple, Red Oak, and Cherry.

New Leaf is committed to the environment and therefore we only sell sustainable cabinets that are with responsibly sourced materials. To learn more about how our vendors source materials watch this video.

To view the available species and finishes, visit our cabinet finishes page.

We also offer custom paint matching.  Just bring in a paint sample or color ID that you would like your new cabinets to be and we can have our finish department match it.

Half Overlay

image demonstrating a cabinet with half overlay faceframe

Full Overlay

image demonstrating a cabinet with half overlay faceframe



photo of an inset cabinet

Half Overlay, Full Overlay, Frameless or Inset

Half overlay door styles cover only part of the cabinet face frame when closed. Full overlay door styles cover almost the entire face frame when the door is closed with a 1/4" reveal. Frameless cabinetry does not have a face frame and the door covers the entire front of the cabinet box with a 1/8" reveal. Inset cabinet doors are inset into the face frame of the cabinet and sit flush with the face frame of the cabinets.  All overlay styles are equally structurally sound, the difference is purely aesthetic.


One Door Style, Four Center Panel Options

image of cabinet door with a flat panel
image of cabinet door with a beaded panel
image of cabinet door with a raised panel
image of cabinet door with a reverse raised panel


We have made it easy to customize your cabinets even more. Now you can choose your door style and your center panel. Raised, Reverse Raised, Flat, Beaded—the pick your panel option is available on 28 door styles.  This is a great way to add an accent to an island while maintaining a cohesive look.

Not only does choosing the center panel increase the options available to you, but it also gives you the unique ability to use different panels as accent pieces within your kitchen.  A popular example is using flat panels throughout the kitchen, then switching to a beaded or raised panel for the island or tall cabinets for that added wow factor. Please note that each of the door styles listed below is available in a wide range of color and finish options.  Visit our show room to touch and feel the samples and compare them with countertop samples.


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Cabinet Door Styles:

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