REO Services

“Work Done Right, Right Now”

New Leaf specializes in preserving and maintaining distressed properties before, during, and after the foreclosure process.  Whether the asset is pre-foreclosure, bank-owned or privately held, we know that providing quick turnaround and achieving conveyance condition are the highest priorities.  With limited buyers in this challenging market it is vital for both investors and individual buyers to see potential in your property, so we tailor our services to meet the needs of your property or client.  Whether it involves securing, cleaning, or repairing, New Leaf offers all services at competitive prices.  Additionally, our trained staff and reputable subcontractors are able to inspect, identify, report, bid, and remediate all health and safety hazards present on the property. New Leaf documents the entire process with photographs and reports, to ensure that work is done in strict accordance with the client specifications as well as HUD, VA, and FHA guidelines.

All Services Available to Begin within 24 Hours of Contract Acceptance

Home SecuritySecurity
Either re-key or replace lock-sets for all exterior doors and secure garage doors for abandoned, vacant, or foreclosed properties.  New Leaf will also board openings to HUD guidelines when a safety or vandalism risk is present or as required by local authorities.


Sale Preparation Sale Preparation
Removal of all debris from the interior and exterior of the property, including garbage, appliances, vehicles, and hazardous waste. In addition, we offer full service janitorial, painting, and landscaping tailored to property and customer requirements.


Repairs & RehabilitationRepairs & Rehabilitation
Minor and major repair services are offered for all cosmetic, structural, and mechanical aspects of the property. New Leaf will self-perform the majority of work, but when needed will subcontract specialty contractors who will always be licensed, bonded, and insured. New Leaf's on-site Project Manager will handle all coordination and scheduling activities, assuring quality control for the entire project.


New Leaf maintains properties throughout Washington State, by providing full interior and exterior services, which include; janitorial, landscaping, and winterization. In addition, New Leaf performs a wide variety of specialty and/or custom services requested by our clients.


Utility Management
Should public utility service be continued for a property, New Leaf can transfer the utilities into the bank's name as necessary. This service is often invaluable for properties with sump pumps or in winter months when a constant interior temperature needs to be maintained.