IceStone is new product in the countertop market that was created with people and the planet in mind.  Made in Brooklyn New York with only three ingredients: 100% recycled glass, Portland cement, and non-toxic pigment, IceStone is one of the greenest countertop products on the market. With several colors and styles, IceStone is a great way to beautify your countertop project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IceStone?

IceStone is an engineered material made from recycled glass, Portland cement, and nontoxic pigments

How do I clean IceStone?

IceStone can be cleaned with soap and water or one of the recommended cleaners.

Does IceStone need sealed?

Ice stone is porous, so it does need sealed and waxed.

Can I put a hot pot on it?

IceStone is heat resistant but pads or trivets are highly recommended.

Can I cut on the surface?

Cutting on the surface is not recommended.

How is IceStone fabricated?

Icestone is fabricated in the same manner as all other stone countertops using specialty tools and highly skilled craftsmen.

What size are the slabs?

The standard slab is 52.5” wide by 96.5” long and 1 ¼ inches thick.

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