North Tacoma Basement Remodel

Finished Basement

This basement remodel was a fairly straight forward basement conversion.  The Old Tacoma house had roughly 600 SF of unfinished space in the basement that the homeowner wanted to convert into two bedrooms.  
In order to accommodate the conversion, we first had to enlarge the window openings to allow for proper egress, which in this case involved cutting the concrete walls.  We then framed in the bedrooms and an adjacent hallway to create the new space.  We did have to make some minor changes to the framing in the existing stairwell to comply with new building codes.

We then added R-21 insulation to comply with the newest energy codes on all walls and ceilings.  Due to the high likelihood of moisture seepage through the concrete, we furred out all new walls 2” off of the concrete and used subfloor product called Dricore.  Dricore is plywood that comes integrated with a waterproof barrier that not only shields the bottom of the plywood from moisture, but also raises the plywood subfloor off the ground preventing water damage in the event water does seep in.

We also added recessed lights and took advantage of the opportunity to add plumbing for a possible bathroom or laundry room in the future. After drywall, paint, and carpet, this customer added 2 new bedrooms into his home.

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