Bathroom Remodel Point Defiance, North Tacoma

Tacoma Bathroom RemodelThis homeowner in Tacoma had originally intended to do the bathroom remodel themselves.  The customer had purchased some of the plumbing fixtures, and tile but after starting the demolition decided that this project was a little over their head.  The original layout was a small ¾ bath that included a small sauna behind the small standing only shower.

The customer had originally intended to keep the sauna just doing a basic fixture and floor covering upgrade.  After assessing the project and the layout of the bathroom I asked the customer how many times she had used the sauna since she lived there (it looked very unused).  She stated that in the 15 years she had lived in the home the sauna had been used twice.   I then recommended that we eliminate the sauna and use the space for a larger shower.   By eliminating the wasted space, we were not only able to custom build a much larger shower, but we were also able to cut in a new window providing natural light to the space that previously had none.

The end result was a great custom tile shower, new tile floor, new window, flawless drywall repair, new paint, and a refinished vanity cabinet.


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