Quartz Countertops

New Leaf has over 165 different colors of Quartz Countertops on display!

Quartz countertops combine the beauty and durability found in natural stone with added strength and increased durability.  Made with 93-95% high quality natural quartz and 5-7% polymer resin and color pigmentation, quartz countertops are a safe and beautiful solution for your home. Because of the high natural stone content combined with the added strength of the polymer resin, quartz slabs are not only extremely tough, they are highly resistant to stains, bacteria, and other problems that many other countertops are susceptible to.

Quartz slabs come in a variety of sizes and colors.  From simple uniform and consistent colors to elaborate slab designs with natural movement, there is a quartz color for style. When paired with the right custom cabinet, the beauty of quartz will take your kitchen or bathroom to its full potential.

With low maintenance, high durability and endless color choices, quartz is an excellent choice for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Engineered for limited maintenance and a long life with minimal maintenance, quartz is ideal for a variety of applications from kitchens and bathrooms to showers and bars. 

Stop by our Tacoma Showroom today! We have over 165 quartz colors on display.


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Quartz Frequently Asked Questions:

What size are the slabs?

Slab sizing varies by color and manufacturer, but the average standard Quartz Slab size is 55x119 for 3cm (1 ¼) thickness.  Many colors are also available in a Jumbo 65x130” slab.  Contact us for additional details or color availability.

Can I cut on the surface?

Quartz is scratch resistant, but is not scratch proof.  Cutting on the surface of your counters is not recommended.  It is also terrible for your knives and will dull them almost immediately.

Can I put a hot pot on it?

Hot pads or trivits are recommended as extreme heat can cause damage to your quartz surface.

Does quartz stain?

Quartz is highly resistant to stains without any required sealing.  That being said, it is not stain proof.  Be cautious with harsh chemicals such as oven cleaners, bleach, and drain cleaners.

What is the best way to clean quartz counters?

Good old fashioned soap and water is typically sufficient to clean any quartz counters, but any non-abrasive cleanser can be used.