Storage Solutions

Efficient storage and organization solutions can be functional and beautiful.  Select from a broad variety of drawer organizers, pull out spice racks, hidden drawers, wine cubes, roll out trays, door organizers and much more. A few of our most popular options are pictured below, but there are many more options available.

It has been our experience at New Leaf, that it is the simple yet thoughtfull extras - such as a well spaced pull out spice rack - that will take your kitchen remodel to the next level.  Imagine never having to battle a pile of cookie sheets for the one you need ever again because they are nicely organized in one of tray divider cabinets.  Imagine having an entire cabinet dedicated to your kitchen aid mixer so that you don't have to wrestle it in and out of a cabinet where it doesn't belong.

My best advice to anyone getting ready to purchase any type of kitchen cabinet is before you place your final order, take your drawings home, look at the stuff that you have in your current kitchen and think about where you will keep that stuff in your new kitchen.  Where will your pots and pans go? How close is your silverware drawer to the dishwasher? Where will you keep your trash cans?  A little extra though during the cabinet design and layout process can go a long way.

Come into our showroom today for a hands on demonstration of what it would feel like to have a beautifully organized kitchen. Schedule an appointment with one of our designers for a free storage consultation.

Maximize space inside drawers with tiered hidden storage.Double the space of your silverware storage with a tiered cutlery divider.Keep everything accessible with roll out shelving.Keep everyday spices organized with a pullout spice rack.Organize cleaning items under the sink with a pull out caddy.Keep trash cans out of sight with a pullout waste container.

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