Tacoma Cabinet and Counter Upgrade | Maple Cabinets | Quartz Countertop

We initially met this customer at the Tacoma Remodeling Expo in 2015 where we host the “Remodeling 101” Seminar.  After months of researching and saving for their project, I was given the opportunity to bid the project.  The couple was overall happy with the layout and function of their kitchen, but the quality of the materials was all builder grade – low quality cabinets, laminate countertops, etc – and they simply wanted to upgrade the kitchen to nicer finishes.

After soliciting three bids and thoroughly researching the associated products, the customer chose to go with New Leaf for their cabinet and counter kitchen remodel project.  I was able to add in a few great features into their new cabinets, such as a pull out spice rack and roll out shelving while maintaining the same overall layout.  We maximized the storage in one of the corners underneath the peninsula by turning a standard base cabinet around 180 degrees so that it became accessible from the back side of the peninsula eliminating the dead space often associated with corner cabinets.  All of our cabinets have soft close doors and drawers as a standard feature which was something this client had always wanted.

Their countertop choice was a maintenance free Pental quartz in 3CM Nirvana.  The sink is a stainless steel Blanco wave, with reverse bowls. We also added pendant lights over the peninsula.

One of my favorite features in this kitchen remodel was the incorporation of a quartz window sill and custom window casing that matches the cabinets.  In order to achieve a perfect match, we purchased maple flat stock (same species as the cabinet face frames) profiled the edges in our shop, and stained it with the same finish as the cabinets.  Combined with the matching quartz window sill, this really finished off this kitchen nicely and gave it a truly custom feel.

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