Tips for choosing the right cabinet door style 

Tip #1 - Consider your budget

There is a wide array of factors that affect the overall price of your cabinets.  In addition to finish, door style and species is among the top components that can drastically affect the cost of the cabinets.  If your budget is already stretched, don’t bother looking at the more expensive choices.  Talk with your designer about which door styles are in your price range.

Tip #2 - View the door in black and white

This can be done literally or figuratively.  The majority of door styles on the market are available in a multitude of colors, yet when people look through sample racks they often ignore door styles that they would like simply because they don’t look past the color of the sample door.  As you look through a sample rack, ignore the color.  If you can’t get past it, ask your designer to look through their spec book that most likely contains black and white images of all the available cabinet door styles.  If you find something you like in black and white, then go look back at the physical sample.  You will be amazed out how many people get pointed back to a door they previously glossed over when looking at the cabinet door spec sheet.

Tip #3 – Narrow the field by wood species

Choosing from hundreds of door styles can be overwhelming, but at this point in the process you probably have a general idea of the look you are going for – Traditional white shaker, dark stain, natural and rustic etc.  Use this to your advantage.  If you are going for a paint, most manufacturers will only paint maple cabinets, therefore you should only be looking at door styles available in maple.  Likewise, if you want a natural looking cabinet with more of a rustic feel, you should only be looking at door styles available in a wood species that will serve that purpose such as knotty alder, rustic maple, or quarter sawn oak.

Tip #4 – Don’t forget the drawer!

Each unique cabinet door style has a correspondending cabinet drawer style.  Make sure you take this into account when mulling over your cabinet door style options. Consumers are packing more and more drawers into the cabinet layout, so in some cases the drawers are even more important than the doors. 

Tip #5 – Ask to see a digital rendering

Any member of our New Leaf cabinet design team can show you a digital mockup of what your cabinet layout will look like with your selected door style.  If you have it narrowed down to just a couple choices ask to see a rendering of your cabinet design with each door style.