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Quartz vs Granite Play

Quartz vs Granite

Unsure which type of countertop you want in your new kitchen? Watch Shane & Rob quickly review the differences between quartz and granite.

Countertop Thickness: Why it's Important Play

Countertop Thickness: Why it's Important

Selecting the right thickness of countertop is critical for any new build or remodel. In this video we explore some of the differences between the most common countertop thicknesses on the market. Read our full guide to find out which thickness is best for your project at

What Do Countertop Warranties Cover Play

What Do Countertop Warranties Cover

Countertop warranties play an important role in deciding what countertop is best for your project. In this video, Shane and Rob cover the in's and out's of both manufacturer warranties as well as fabricator warranties and what to look for

Countertop Brand Differences Play

Countertop Brand Differences

Does the brand name of your next countertop really matter? And if so, which brand is right for you. In this video Shane & Rob dive into the differences between the different countertop brands. For more details read the article here

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