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American Cabinets vs Chinese Cabinets Play

American Cabinets vs Chinese Cabinets

An in depth comparison of an American made kitchen cabinet and a Chinese made kitchen cabinet. I review the construction methods and materials used in each cabinet and review the pros and cons of each cabinet. For a detailed write up, visit the article by clicking here.

Are Plywood Cabinets Worth the Money Play

Are Plywood Cabinets Worth the Money

In this video we discuss the pros and con's of plywood vs particle board cabinets and what we do for our customers that opt to save money by going with furniture board cabinets. To read the full article Click Here

Automated Door Demonstration Play

Automated Door Demonstration

An example of the automated doors available on Yorktowne & DesignCraft Cabinets.

Countertop Brand Differences Play

Countertop Brand Differences

Does the brand name of your next countertop really matter? And if so, which brand is right for you. In this video Shane & Rob dive into the differences between the different countertop brands. For more details read the article here

Countertop Thickness: Why it's Important Play

Countertop Thickness: Why it's Important

Selecting the right thickness of countertop is critical for any new build or remodel. In this video we explore some of the differences between the most common countertop thicknesses on the market. Read our full guide to find out which thickness is best for your project at

Environmental Commitment Play

Environmental Commitment

At New Leaf, we care deeply about the environment and do our best to partner only with like minded suppliers and vendors. Watch this video to learn more about where Yorktowne Cabinetry sources its raw hardwoods and plywoods from and what they do to keep their cabinets sustainable.

How to Adjust Cabinet Doors Play

How to Adjust Cabinet Doors

Step-by-step instructions on how to adjust cabinet doors. Adjusting cabinet drawers can be daunting if you aren't sure what you are doing, Shane breaks down each step of the process so that you can quickly and easily get your new (or old) cabinets looking great. Click here for the full article:

How to Adjust Cabinet Drawers Play

How to Adjust Cabinet Drawers

Adjusting drawer faces is a critical step in any kitchen cabinet installation. In this step by step video, we make it easy to get the perfect adjustment on your cabinet drawers so that your kitchen can looks its best.

How to Adjust Roll Out Shelves Play

How to Adjust Roll Out Shelves

Adjusting roll out shelves in kitchen cabinets is very easy and takes just a couple minutes. In this video Rob shows you how to adjust the height and location of your roll out shelf or roll out tray that is inside your kitchen cabinets.

Quartz vs Granite Play

Quartz vs Granite

Unsure which type of countertop you want in your new kitchen? Watch Shane & Rob quickly review the differences between quartz and granite.

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