What do countertop warranties cover?

New countertops are a great way to upgrade and beautify your kitchen and it's important to understand what countertop warranties cover. Accidents happen, and fully understanding your warranty can help you keep your countertops in prime condition.

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countertop warranties

What do countertop warranties cover?

When you purchase new countertops, they generally come with a warranty. You may think to yourself, "Why would I ever need this?" However, the answer may surprise you. A warranty is a great way to protect your countertops if you ever need it. And in the case of kitchen countertops, better safe than sorry.

If you're wondering what your countertop warranty includes, check out the video below. New Leaf's Shane and Rob discuss how countertop warranties work.

countertop warrantiesWhat do manufacturer warranties cover?

Manufacturer countertop warranties usually cover:

  • Any manufacturer defects, such as
    • holes
    • pitting
    • miscoloring

Are there different types of countertop warranties?

Yes, in fact, there are different types! A manufacturer's warranty is not the only kind you can get.

As Shane discusses, "The most specific warranty that matters for you is the Fabricator Warranty. Fabricators are different across the country, across different cities. For example, our Fabrication Warranty, we cover the installation of the countertop - including the seam and the sinks."

What are the most common warranty claims?

Those are the two most common warranty claims in the industry: seams and sinks. It's actually quite common.

Sometimes seams break - due to house settling, having an older home, cabinets not being installed properly, or not having the right support.

Sink separation is when the sink pulls apart from the countertop. It all goes back to how your countertop was installed.

How New Leaf Prevents Sink and Seam Separation

Here at New Leaf, we install your countertops in such a way to prevent separation. We use a super high strength epoxy paired with gorilla clamps to hold everything together while it dries. Gorilla clamps have up to an impressive 4,000 pounds of holding pressure.

In other words, New Leaf works as hard as possible to help you get the quality and longevity you deserve from your new countertops and prevent any separation.

We support our sinks with brackets or clips, depending on the sink and application.  Some fabricators only use adhesive so hold the sink in place.  Because we use clips and or brackets, if sink is soundly supported and not reliant on the adhesive to hold the wieght of not only your sink, but also your dishes as well as the weight of the water.

"It's really that additional support that the bracket gives to the sink that will hold it and bond it to the countertop for the lifetime of the kitchen," Shane explains.

Get Gorgeous Countertops with a Solid Warranty from New Leaf


In the end, countertop warranties are extremely important - both the manufacturer warranty and the fabricator warranty. Any quality fabricator will warranty what they do.

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countertop warranties

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