White Shaker Cabinets with Gray Island

White shaker cabinet kitchen

Craftsman Kitchen - Design Elements

When we began designing this kitchen we had a relatively clean slate, because it was for a new custom home.  Although we did have to stay within the architects predefined floor plan, we still had a lot of flexibility.

Two Tone Cabinets & Counters

Selecting the door style for this kitchen was simple.  The overall feel of the home was a transitional craftsman and we wanted include as many Tacoma design elements as possible, so we went with a standard white shaker cabinet for door style. 

To add interest, we kept the same door style on the island but changed the color to Harbor Mist which is a light but warm gray. Click here for our door styles or here for our color options.  

Complimenting the two tone custom cabinets, are the two toned maintenance free quartz countertops.  On the white kitchen cabinets, we used Pental Uliano, which is a gray countertop with a subtle white marbling and on the gray island cabinets we used Pental Misterio, which is a white countertop with subtle gray veining.

Because both quartz countertop colors came from our square foot collection we really maximized the value of the clients budget.  Staying true to the craftsman theme we used a standard flat polished edge on all the countertops to exacerbate the clean and straight lines of the shaker cabinets.

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Apron Front Sink

cast iron apron front sinkNo Pacific Northwest craftsman kitchen is complete without a cast iron apron front sink.  Although there are many attractive fire-clay and stainless steel, nothing says Craftsman Kitchen like a cast iron apron front sink.  It is our opinion that the Kohler Whitehaven is the best apron front sink on the market, and that's what we used here.  The fact that it is also one of the most affordable apron front sinks on the market only helped solidify our chose.

The reasons we like the Kohler Whitehaven the best are simple.  Its cast iron and therefore much more dent and scratch resistant than any stainless steel sink, and it has a a flange on the front that conceals the installation cut.  Nearly all fireclay and stainless steel apron front sinks require a field cut on the face-frame of the cabinet that is left exposed after install.  Because the sinks are typically not a straight edge (especially fire-clay which are very wavy) getting a perfect fit is almost impossible, so a flange that covers the cut leads to a much more polished look.

Cabinet Installation - Watch the Time Lapse Video of this install!



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Cabinet Organization

The cabinet budget for this house was very moderate which gave us plenty of room in the kitchen budget to maximize the organizational features of the cabinetry.  We started by adding full depth, soft closing roll out shelves to the pantry cabinet to make sure all the Cheerios and Rice-a-Roni would be fully accessible.  Next we added blind corner pull outs to both corners to really maximize the accessibility of the two corner cabinets.  Built in trash and recycle storage is always a priority for the designers at New Leaf because who wants to spend all the time, effort, and hard earned money remodeling/building a kitchen, just to put a trash can on display.

Spice Storage

Anyone who loves to cook knows the importance of being able to quickly find the cumin or lemon pepper while cooking, so we included a full extension spice rack with adjustable shelves to keep all of those trusty McCormick spices readily accessible.

Built-in Range Hood

Cabinet range hood built inDollar for dollar, nothing elevates the overall look of a kitchen from plain and mundane to extraordinary like a built in range hood.  A cabinet encased range hood creates a truly custom look at a very affordable price. Our prebuilt models that include the exhaust fan and hood liner are simple and easy to include.  While a 2-3 thousand dollar hood may seem out of reach at first, when you consider that the average standalone hood is typically 1500-2000 dollars, the cost of the upgrade suddenly becomes a lot more feasible and can really elevate the overall look of the kitchen.

New Leaf Cabinets offers several styles of built in cabinet range hoods.  Each style of hood will be customized to match your selected door style and finish.

Furniture Style Island

One of our favorite things to do when designing any kitchen is to incorporate as many furniture style elements as possible.  In this kitchen we simply added to furniture style legs to the island cabinet.  These hand turned legs create a much older, classier, hand made feel to the kitchen.  When small elements like this are incorporated into your kitchen in the right way, it avoids creating a kitchen that can look too cookie cutter or like it came off the shelves of a big box store.

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